Working in Canada Remotely Offers Benefits to Global Employers

Working in Canada Remotely Offers Benefits to Global Employers

Global employers are eyeing Canada as an attractive option

International entrepreneurs who had considered relocating to the United States but are having a difficult time due to immigration and visa restrictions are now looking to make Canada their home. Three Techstar employees are moving to Canada from Poland, Turkey, and Nigeria, because of the tight US borders. Transparent Business, a remote employee management solution, got its start in NY, relocated to India, and is now making Toronto it’s home. It was twice as expensive as having its headquarters in the United States. Canada stood out because of the same culture, the same language, and being only a short flight away. 

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Canada is set to become an even greater alternative for American employers in the years to come. As more companies move their operations from an actual workplace, location is not as important. Canada has much lower labor costs and more relaxed immigration laws than its southern neighbor, and a good exchange rate is all in its favor. Canada is rated as one of the top countries to live in because of its prosperity, safety, and scenery.

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