Toronto Is the Fastest Growing Major City in Canada and the USA

Toronto Is the Fastest Growing Major City in Canada and the USA

The United States Census Bureau report for population growth in 2019 showed that the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area increased by 117,380 people. Statistics Canada also released the population growth report for 2019. The Greater Toronto Area’s population increased by 127,575 during the same time, making it the fastest-growing metro region of the two countries. The city of Toronto was also the fastest-growing central city for the second year in a row. The Montreal metro area was ranked the sixth fastest-growing region with a population increase of over 65,000.

New Residents in Toronto Area

Metro New York City had the largest decrease in population in all of Canada and the United States by a large margin. The city’s population decreased by 60,462 people in the 2019 fiscal year. Los Angeles and Chicago were second and third in population decreases. Toronto had less than a 50,000 decline in population. Toronto had close to three times as much population growth from immigration as New York. The limitations the US has put on immigration over the past year has, in turn, benefited Canada. The city of Toronto’s gains exceeded the combined growth of the two fastest-growing central cities in the US.

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