New Immigrant from Syria Appreciates Freedom in Canada

New Immigrant from Syria Appreciates Freedom in Canada

 A former Syrian refugee has recently become a permanent resident of Canada and is loving every minute of it. 

Hassan Al Kontar has quite a story about reaching this land of opportunity. He was a Syrian living and working in the United Arab Emirates in 2006 as a marketing insurance manager. Once the Syrian Civil War broke out, he lost his work permit, and his immigration status was put into limbo. He continued living in the UAE illegally, but eventually was caught and deported to Malaysia. Malaysia accepts Syrians even without a visa, but they only granted Al Kotar a tourist visa for three months.

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While trying to fly to other countries, he was rejected and sent back. Stuck in the Kuala Lumpur airport, he went on social media and began sharing his story. Canada is a welcoming country to newcomers. You and your family will find many opportunities living in this free land. Contact Canada Immigration Express to find out how to apply for the required visa to migrate to Canada.

Al Kontar explained why he couldn’t go back to Syria for his differing political views. He wanted to live in a land with basic human rights where it is safe, and people can prove themselves. A Canadian saw his story and sponsored him to move to Canada.

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He said Canada isn’t perfect, but it is a dream come true living in the country. He likes living in a place where he is valued as a human being. He has a voice and has freedoms unlike any place he has ever lived. The Canada Immigration Express team will help you apply for the visa you are eligible to receive. Contact them today!