Workers Needed for Canadian Jobs in the Aerospace Industry

Workers Needed for Canadian Jobs in the Aerospace Industry

Aerospace companies in Canada are finding it challenging to find workers to meet the travel demand. 

This is the latest evidence of a post-pandemic labor shortage. As various suppliers in the aerospace hub of Quebec begin rehiring, many feared the talent could leave and even more so with an aging workforce. Furthermore, aerospace-related training programs have seen lower enrollment. Suzanne Benoit, the president of a Quebec aerospace trade group, said while some companies are seeing fast growth, others are seeing slower growth. But everyone is searching for people to hire.

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A spokeswoman for Bombardier, a jet manufacturing company, said they are experiencing a “competitive job market” as it is looking for workers. The aerospace sector is joining many industries who are facing employee shortages as the North American economy is bouncing back. Canada is a land of opportunity for you and your family. Contact Canada Immigration Express today!

In the US, reports are showing lower employment in manufacturing, which in turn is raising concerns about supply constraints. Demand for employees could push wages higher for workers such as machinists. The globe’s third largest aerospace center, Montreal, worries that there could be delays in economic recovery if jobs can’t be filled. Without workers, contracts have to be refused.

The president of engineering firm Altitude Aerospace Canada said pressure could be greater in the fall when customer projects return. The aerospace sector was one of the hardest hit industries as traffic dropped in 2020 with the grounding of fleets. But there are ambitious plans to restore output in the near future and many aerospace workers are needed. Canada Immigration Express has a team ready to help you get the required visa to live and work in Canada.