Robust Canadian Immigration Will Be Key After Pandemic

Robust Canadian Immigration Will Be Key After Pandemic

During the COVID-19 crisis, temporary foreign workers, mostly employed by the agriculture sector, were not able to come to Canada after the borders were closed. An outcry moved the government to reverse the decision.The government has begun creating a better path to permanent residency for temporary foreign workers. A new program is going to benefit those who work in meat processing, greenhouse production, and livestock-raising companies who would be given the ability to settle in the country permanently.

The major role immigrants are holding to keep Canada moving through the COVID-19 pandemic shows why vigorous immigration policies must be in place after the crisis. As over nine million Canadians will reach retirement age in this decade, immigration will be key to keeping the economy strong and robust. The skilled foreign workers allowed to settle in Canada will help benefit social security payments, healthcare, and additional services for the nine million retired Canadians.

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