Hundreds of Thousands of Foreign Students Study in Canada

Hundreds of Thousands of Foreign Students Study in Canada

Since 2015, there has been a tremendous increase of new visa applications for Canada. This rise is because hundreds of thousands of international students are looking to study in Canada and call the place home.

One of the countries with the highest number of students in Canada is India. This is because there are few opportunities for youths in India compared to Canada. Also, the number of the middle class in the country with the capability of sending their kids abroad is gradually growing in India. 

According to Canada Immigration Express, many other factors are responsible for the influx of students from across the world to Canada.

Indians in Canada for Study

Before now, the student permit applications from India to Canada were the same as those of China. But currently, the number of applications from India has increased while China remained almost the same.

One of the Indian students in Canada, Karan Singh, stated that his parents decided to send him to Canada to ensure his safety, especially as the political environment in India is turbulent. In other words, the reason for Singh’s entry into Canada in December 2021 was personal safety.

Canada Immigration Express reported that experts believe that many other factors are responsible for the great influx of students from India into Canada in recent times.

Factors for Increased International Students in Canada

Due to the labour shortages in Canada, immigrants desire the country as there are good opportunities for securing valuable jobs that suit their qualifications. Moreover, the accepting culture of Canadians makes foreigners more interested in moving to the country.