Higher Rate of Covid-19 Vaccinations in Canada Than US

Higher Rate of Covid-19 Vaccinations in Canada Than US

As of the middle of July 2021, 48.45 percent of Canadians were fully vaccinated, while 48.05 percent of Americans had received the shot. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said if the vaccination progress continues as it has been, Canada may open the borders to US travelers after being shut for 16 months. 

The US is seeing an increase in Covid cases as the vaccination rates are leveling off. President Joe Biden didn’t meet his goal of 70 percent of adults in the US receiving the vaccine before the July 4 holiday weekend. Close to 68 percent of those ages 18 and older living in America have received at least one dose. 

Now, the White House and even local governments are turning to creative ways to counter the vaccine hesitancy among the population. Ohio, Michigan, and California are offering cash lotteries for people who get completely vaccinated. Superstar Olivia Rodrigo stopped by the White House to promote vaccinations among the youth of the US and Nascar will offer vaccines this weekend. 

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Fully Vaccinated People, July 15th, 2021

Canada 48.45%
USA 48.05%

Yukon has roughly 75 percent of its residents vaccinated, and the Northwest Territories has 72 percent. The larger the number of people vaccinated, the steady decline in Covid-19 cases. Canada’s progress with its nationwide vaccination program is allowing the country’s economy to re-open at a rapid rate. 

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