Canada Immigration Express

Who We Are

Canada Immigration Express is your number one immigration solution for Canada. We work in collaboration with authorized immigration consultants to help families from all around the globe immigrate and begin a new life in Canada. The authorized immigration consultants who Canada Immigration Express works with can evaluate your eligibility to apply for Canadian permanent residency, make sure the forms and documents are prepared and submitted correctly and guide you step-by-step throughout the procedure.


Benefits of Services

There are several benefits you gain when using the services offered by Canada Immigration Express.

Our primary goal is to help you and your family through every stage and provide you with the most effective and efficient services available.

Canada Immigration Express makes this process easy and affordable for you and your family.

You can receive an assessment from authorized immigration consultants who we work with that will tell you which specific Canadian immigration program you qualify to apply for, which is beneficial because there are many different visa programs with their own criteria and procedures.

The immigration consultants we collaborate with can also explain what you need to do during each stage of the Canadian immigration process, which makes the procedure easier and more efficient for you and helps avoid mistakes that could delay the process.

What We Do

Our premium and valuable services are available to help you and families like yours from all around the world navigate through the complex and lengthy application process. Our trained team of immigration experts who we work with will provide you with a confidential, personalized assessment to determine the best option for you to achieve your immigration goals. We offer trustworthy guidance and support to every applicant we serve.

The Canadian immigration application process is a comprehensive and at times difficult procedure with the various rules and regulations. You have the option to file the application on your own or hire the assistance of a legally authorized representative. Many of our clients are relieved when they do not have to deal with the frustration of preparing paperwork and technical details which are handled by the professional team that we collaborate with. The many years of experience that the immigration consultants possess from guiding thousands of customers through the Canadian immigration process can benefit you in so many ways, by saving you time and frustration and avoiding unnecessary mistakes.

Canada Immigration Express celebrates every client’s success as though it were our own. We work together and develop strong relationships with our clients and partners.

Please note that Canada Immigration Express is a private company and not a part of the Canadian government. The services offered include evaluating your Canadian visa options and helping with your visa application, beneficial services which are performed by the authorized immigration consultants we work with. We do not, however, have the authority to grant you a Canadian visa, which only the Government of Canada can do.