Canada Will Safely Welcome International Passengers

Canada Will Safely Welcome International Passengers

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected our daily lives. Our travel for business and visiting friends and family have been restricted. 

The vaccines are one of the most effective methods to prevent the continued spread of the disease and keep us safe while returning to the things we love. The Canadian Minister of Transport said the number of Canadians receiving the vaccine have allowed Ottawa to safely reopen additional airports to international travel. Currently, ten Canadian airports accept international flights: Halifax, Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Vancouver.

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As of the end of November the following airports will join them: St. John’s, John C Munro Hamilton, Regina, Waterloo, Saskatoon, Abbotsford, Kelowna, and Victoria. If you need more information about which visa you will be eligible for, contact Canada Immigration Express. Our experienced team will answer questions you have about the process.

 Transport Canada said thevaccination passport Canadian government will provide strict vaccine travel requirements and issue a pan-Canadian proof of vaccination passport to create opportunities for safe travel. The airports, working with Transport Canada, the Canada Border Services Agency, and the Public Health Agency of Canada will begin implementing the measures to safely welcome international passengers, according to Transport Canada.

The airports were chosen after measuring passenger demand, geography, and each airport’s preparedness to begin allowing international flights again. Canada is a land of opportunity for newcomers. Canada Immigration Express, in collaboration with authorized immigration consultants, can provide you with an assessment of your options to live and work in Canada. Contact us today!