Immigrants Are 27.7% of Canada’s Core-Aged Workforce

Immigrants Are 27.7% of Canada’s Core-Aged Workforce

Over the past five years, Canada’s workforce has become more educated, racially diverse and skilled. There is a tremendous rise in the number of university graduates and a significant growth in the number of people in professional white-collar jobs in Canada. These positive changes are said to be due to more immigrants working in Canada’s labour force.

Canada Immigration Express reported that 27.7% of the core-aged labour force in Canada in 2021 were immigrants. This record is higher than that of 2016, which was 25.7%. The percentage of immigrants in the core-aged labour force (aged between 25 and 54) is way higher in some cities. Examples of these cities are Toronto and Vancouver, with immigrants making up half of the core-aged working population in the regions.

Labour Force Trend in Canada

One of the critical labour force trends reported by census data is the rise in the number of jobs in some professional and technical services in Canada. These sectors include data analytics, accounting, law and software development.

On the bright side, Canada Immigration Express reported that immigrants are faring better in the workforce than in the past. A significant reason for this trend is that many recent immigrants have Canadian work experience, according to Brendon Bernard, a senior economist at Indeed Canada. Bernard added that having Canadian work experience is an important part of the Express Entry system.

Immigrants - A Crucial Part of Canada's Changing Labour Force

It is evident from reports that immigrants make up a larger share of the overall workforce in Canada than ever before. Canada Immigration Express concluded that immigrants are crucial to Canada’s changing labour force.