Majority of Canadians Think Govt Handling Pandemic Well

Majority of Canadians Think Govt Handling Pandemic Well

Unlike their American counterparts, the majority of Canadian citizens are in agreement that the government has done a good job in response to the coronavirus pandemic. They are more unified now than before the outbreak, according to a Pew Research Center public opinion survey. 

Good Job!

Over 14,000 people in 14 countries were asked to rate their government’s response to the COVID-19 health emergency and how unified the citizens are through it all. Out of the 1,037 Canadians responding to the survey, 88 percent said the country had done a good job, while only 11 percent disagreed.

The numbers are in line with most individuals in other nations who approved of their government’s ability to handle the crisis. If you and your family dream of living in a country where the government is viewed in a good light by its citizens, consider Canada. Contact Canada Immigration Express. Their team will walk you through the steps of immigration.


The only two countries surveyed where the majority said they were disappointed with their government’s response to the situation were the United States and the United Kingdom. Over 50 percent expressed dissatisfaction in America and 54 percent in the UK. Denmark had the highest score in the ranking with 95 percent happy with the country’s response, followed by Australia at 94 percent, and Canada at 88 percent. 

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