Requirements of the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program

Requirements of the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program

Each participating province and territory in Canada has various eligibility requirements for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) based on their local needs. The regions collaborated with the Canadian national government to create the program to meet their individual skill shortages. Foreign workers need to first apply for the PNP and then if accepted, apply for immigration to Canada on a national level. 

Land Of Opportunity

The Canadian government is the only one with the sole authority to issue a Canadian visa to an immigrant. Canada has become one of the most sought-after countries for immigration. The free health care, excellent education, and diverse culture make it a land of opportunity for people from around the world. If you and your family have a dream of living in Canada, contact Canada Immigration Express. Their team has a goal to help people just like you make your dream come true.


Most provinces and territories have one or more of these requirements to apply for the Provincial Nominee Program. You must have work experience in an occupation on the qualifying list and have post-secondary education or training for the high demand occupation. You must have a certain level of English or French language skills and be within a certain age range. Some PNP’s have a points system of which you must have a minimum point score.

There are various factors the points system is based on. The foreign workers and the family members must have good character and good health. You will be asked for supporting documents to show satisfaction of the Canadian immigration criteria. Contact Canada Immigration Express for help with the entire immigration process.

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