Provincial Nominee Program to Canada

Provincial Nominee Program to Canada

The demands are different and unique for skilled foreign workers in Canada. Many provinces and territories have joined forces with the Canadian government to create a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to meet their local needs.


In most cases, a foreign worker will apply to the PNP of a specific Canadian province or territory, and if granted a provincial nomination, will apply for immigration on a national level.

Provinces and Territories

The Canadian federal government has the sole authority to issue a Canadian visa. The following provinces and territories in Canada participate in the Provincial Nominee Program: Manitoba, Alberta, New Brunswick, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon Territory, and Northwest Territories. 

Foreign Workers

If a foreign worker wants to live and work in French-speaking Quebec, they will need to apply for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, which has its own procedure and eligibility requirements. Contact Canada Immigration Express to be made aware of the program that best matches your profile. They will walk you through the stages of immigration so you can live and work in Canada as soon as possible.

The various provinces and territories that participate in the PNP have their own eligibility requirements. Generally, the PNP requires one or more of the following: 

  • Experience in a qualified occupation that is in high demand
  • Having post-secondary education for the occupation
  • English or French language skills
  • Being within a certain age range
  • Minimum points score based on various factors
  • Agreeing to live and work in the region that nominated them
  • Possessing good health and good character

There are many opportunities available for you and your family in Canada. Contact Canada Immigration Express today for advice about your immigration path.

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