Immigrant from Iran Is Successful Entrepreneur in Canada

Immigrant from Iran Is Successful Entrepreneur in Canada

At the age of only 13, Shahrzad Rafati decided she would build a worldwide business someday. She knew it would be impossible to achieve her dream while living in Iran. At 17 years of age, her confidence and drive helped her persuade her parents to allow her to relocate to Vancouver, British Columbia, to attend university.

She arrived in Canada with one suitcase and a small grasp of the English language. She said she couldn’t communicate when she arrived, and it was one of her greatest challenges. But even with the language barrier, she was determined to be successful.

 Today, Rafati, age 40, runs BBTV, a firm she launched in 2005 that helps other companies secure advertising revenues from videos on Facebook, YouTube, and other apps and websites. There are many opportunities in Canada for you and your family. Contact Canada Immigration Express for help applying for the required visa to live and work in the country.

The company owned by Shahrzad has high-profile clients like the NBA, Warner Bros, Sony, and Disney. The business is speculated to be worth over $1 billion. She advises entrepreneurs to think as big as possible and believe they can do it.

The business is speculated to be worth over $1 billion

She was born in Tehran in 1979 to a family of business leaders during the Iranian revolution. Her dad owned a property company and her mom ran a textile firm. If you are looking for greater opportunities for you and your family, contact Canada Immigration Express. The country is welcoming to newcomers and will help you start your new life. Contact them today!

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