Refugee Becomes Medical Student After Moving to Canada

Refugee Becomes Medical Student After Moving to Canada

The pathway to Canada was not an easy one for Maryam Yaqoob and her family. 

She was born in Iraq, forced out of her country by war at the age of 16, and settled in Syria. Her family applied for refugee status through the United Nations program and was accepted to relocate to Canada. Nine years ago, they settled in Alberta where they still live today. Although completing school in Syria, Yaqoob went back to school for two years to improve her English skills. Yaqoob has quite an impressive academic record.

She graduated as class valedictorian from Mount Royal University’s cellular and molecular biology program. She was then accepted into the University of Calgary’s medical school, where she is in her final year of studies. If living in a land of opportunity is something you dream of, contact Canada Immigration Express. Their commitment is helping you make your dream of living in Canada come true.

Yaqoob helped found the University of Calgary Stem Cell Club in her first year of medical school. The club’s focus is to recruit people of color to become a stem-cell donor. The group is underrepresented on Canada’s donor registry. A diverse donor base is essential because stem-cell matches are dependent on DNA markers specific to ethnic backgro

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The program has seen success by recruiting close to 100 donors in the first year and has over 500 to date. Opportunities are endless for immigrants in Canada. The country welcomes and celebrates diversity. Contact Canada Immigration Express for help applying for the required visa to live and work in the country.

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