Immigrants Bring Diversity to the Dining Table on Thanksgiving

Immigrants Bring Diversity to the Dining Table on Thanksgiving

When does Raptors Superfan Nav Bhatia celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving? “Not just every year, but every day!” said Bhatia. He said Thanksgiving is important to his entire family, and it is not a time to just have a meal together, but to give thanks for his country. Bhatia arrived from India 40 years ago to begin a new life in Canada. He faced challenges and was made fun of, but he also knew he was living in the world’s best country. Bhatia spent his first few years in Canada working odd jobs to make ends meet. 

He surprised his boss at a car dealership by selling a record number of vehicles in three months. Today he owns one of the top Hyundai car dealerships in Canada. There are many opportunities in Canada for you and your family. Contact Canada Immigration Express for help applying for the required visa to work and live in Canada. 


People from China, South Asia, and The Philippines bring a merging and melding of tastes, flavors, and textures to the Thanksgiving tables in Canada. Most new Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving, with over 50 percent blending the traditional Thanksgiving dishes with items representing their cultural upbringing.

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While over half of newcomers say they will serve turkey, those from South Asia are less likely to eat turkey because they are vegan or vegetarian. Canada welcomes and celebrates diversity in the country. Contact Canada Immigration Express, and they will walk you through the immigration stages.

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