The Best Universities in Canada for 2021

The Best Universities in Canada for 2021

The University of Toronto has once again ranked number one as the best university in Canada for 2021. 

This marks the sixth year in a row the university has reached the top of the list. U of T is world-renowned for its research network. The library system is North America’s third largest and is home to 44 libraries with over 25 million pieces. Over $1.2 billion is allotted for research funding annually, and the staff generates more scholarships and research than almost any other university or institution.

Over $1.2 Billion Is Allotted For Research Funding Annually!

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The high global standing of the University of Toronto draws large numbers of international students every year. In 2019, close to 25 percent of the university’s students came from over 160 countries worldwide. There are over 600,000 U of T graduates across the globe. The university has started over 500 companies in the past decade and has compiled over $1.5 billion in investments.

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There are currently 11 incubators and accelerators across the three campuses. Reuters put the University of Toronto first in Canada as the most innovative university and 27th in the world. The benefits of studying abroad and at such a prestigious institution are great. Contact Canada Immigration Express for help choosing the correct visa to study and work in Canada. They will walk you through every step of immigration so you can begin learning in Canada.

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