Canada Recruiting Foreign Students from Around the World 

Canada Recruiting Foreign Students from Around the World 

Over half of the international students studying in Canada come from only two countries, India and China. The Canadian government is setting aside close to $30 million in the next five years to expand recruiting efforts around the world. The government is focusing their marketing strategies in Columbia, Mexico, Vietnam, Mexico, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Morocco, Ukraine, and France. Also, the plan is to lure students to schools outside of the major metro regions to bring an economic lift to provinces and areas that tend to receive fewer immigrants. The team of professionals at Canada Immigration Express will walk you through the steps of obtaining the correct visa to live and work in Canada. They will answer any questions you may have about the process.

Paul Davidson, the president of Universities Canada, said, “We are pleased with the countries the government has chosen. We don’t want to be poachers of talent; we want to be partners.” 

The efforts to widen the source countries of global students are a part of a five-year education strategy worth $148 million. The plan also pledges $95 million to inspire students from Canada to study and tighten ties overseas, especially in Latin America and Asia, instead of more common areas like Britain, the U.S., and Australia. If you are considering living abroad, contact Canada Immigration Express for help with applying for the correct visa. The team will help you submit your application correctly and on time. Contact them today!


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