Professor Shares Ideas for Retaining Immigrants in Nova Scotia 

Professor Shares Ideas for Retaining Immigrants in Nova Scotia 

Saint Mary’s University professor, Ather Akbari, thinks the key to retaining newcomers in Nova Scotia is offering employment, and “the smell of the sea.” Akbari, chair of the Atlantic Research Group on Economics of Immigration, Aging and Diversity, said the 75 percent retention rate could be improved by offering better economic opportunity. In an interview, Akbari said, “The retention of immigrants depends on many factors, including what reception they get in the communities, immigrant communities and also availability of jobs.” Canada Immigration Express will walk you through the steps of immigration. Their team of experts will answer any questions you have about the process. Contact them today!

Ather has led many focused groups, but found that the most crucial issue for people deciding on whether to stay in a location is job opportunities. He said if given a choice to stay in Nova Scotia or move to another region, a job offer will convince them to stay in the province. Akbari’s findings will be presented at the International Conference in Intercultural Studies. “In-Migration and Out-Migration: Atlantic Canada at a Crossroad,” will look at 2016 census data and provide highlights on immigrant mobility in the country. If you are considering immigration to Canada, contact Canada Immigration Express. Their goal is to provide you with excellent customer service and make sure all documentation is done correctly and submitted in an orderly fashion. 

Nova Scotia’s immigration retention percentage is the highest in Atlantic Canada, but lower than the rest of Canada. Alberta is the top province with a 97 percent retention rate, followed by B.C. and Ontario. P.E.I. has the lowest retention rate, only 39 percent. Akbari reported the small numbers for Nova Scotia is simply one thing: jobs. The most significant factors in interprovince migration are the ability to be close to cultural communities and economic opportunities. Canada Immigration Express will always make sure all applications being submitted to the immigration authorities in Canada are complete. You will have peace of mind when working with a team of experts. Immigration is the best way of enjoying a new life for both young people and families.

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