Irish Youth Seek Opportunities Living in British Columbia

Irish Youth Seek Opportunities Living in British Columbia

When walking the streets of Vancouver, you may hear more Irish accents than ever before. Over the past five years, the increase of Irish workers, visitors, and students to the area has skyrocketed. Ruairi Spillane, who operated an online community for immigrants called Moving2Canada, relocated to Vancouver in 2008.

He was escaping the deep recession in Ireland. He has noticed a massive increase in the Irish population in the city, especially during the summer months. If you and your family are desiring a better life opportunity, contact Canada Immigration Express. Their team of experts will walk you through the immigration process and help your dream become a reality.

The Canadian government issued over 1,200 temporary resident visas and an additional 5,535 work permits to Ireland residents last year, according to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. That is a 64 percent increase over the past seven years. When the Irish economy bottomed out, many Irish relocated to the Canadian Prairies, where the cost of living was low, and there was an abundance of job openings with the energy boom.

The young people of Ireland tend to relocate to the larger metro areas, such as Toronto or Vancouver, even with the high cost of living. They are taking advantage of the two-year International Experience Canada program for young people. Spillane said the lifestyle is awesome, and the sunshine in the summer is a bonus. Canada has opportunities for young people and families alike. Contact Canada Immigration Express to obtain the required visa to live and work in the country.

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