Immigrants Enjoy Good Life in New Brunswick, Canada

Immigrants Enjoy Good Life in New Brunswick, Canada

The number of immigrants settling in the Moncton area of New Brunswick is over 50 percent higher than five years ago, not including the Syrian refugees who came to the region in 2016. President of Jupia Consultants Inc., David Campbell, said, “It shows great progress. We’re heading for a record year.” He said they were expecting close to 1,800 newcomers to settle in Moncton in 2018. If you are considering relocating for a better job and life for you and your family, contact Canada Immigration Express. Their team of professionals can walk you through the stages of immigration to Canada.

Immigration Greater Moncton has a strategy to not only increase immigration, but to keep the immigrants in Dieppe, Riverview, as well as Moncton and boost entrepreneurship. In 2015, there was a 77 percent retention rate and in the past four years they have welcomed 4,500 new permanent residents. Many of them are integrating into the workforce and being hired in sectors where employees are in demand. They are taking jobs in home health care and nursing, retail, information technology, and manufacturing. Campbell said they are working toward aligning newcomers with jobs in skill sets in which they are knowledgeable. He said, “We’re trying to find people for whom it would be a good career move to come to our community and work in these sectors.”

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