Canadian Philanthropists Donate Money to Send Students to College

Canadian Philanthropists Donate Money to Send Students to College

Winnipeg philanthropists Walter Schroeder and wife Maria are giving $10 million to three inner-city high schools to assist with underprivileged students. The couple also created a foundation and committed $500,000 for scholarships to help 39 students at the same schools. One former refugee, Missie Gatoro, age 19, is one of the 39 individuals able to start her post-secondary schooling this year. She said she was shocked to learn she was one of the recipients and her life is forever changed by the chance to go to college. The recipients will all receive tuition, supplies, and textbooks. Gatoro has always dreamed of attending college but didn’t think she would ever have the funds to make it happen.

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Gatoro spent her life as a refugee, being born in Congo, but relocating to Uganda during the civil war. Her parents couldn’t join her in her new country. Schooling was a sporadic thing, only allowed when the money for fees was available. She said she had to miss out on school many times. Three years ago, she was allowed to relocate to Canada and had a hard time in a new country and culture, and no family with her. The scholarship changed it all and she said she has hope again. Schroeder created his financial fortune by founding the global credit rating agency DBRS. He has since retired and wants to give back to his hometown of Winnipeg.

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