Ottawa Attracts Thousands of Immigrants from Asia

Ottawa Attracts Thousands of Immigrants from Asia

Ajit Singh Sandhu joined fans as they packed the halls of Centerpointe Theater in 2018 to watch one of Pakistan’s most revered folk singers. Sandhu never dreamed an event like this would happen in Ottawa. When he first relocated to Ottawa in 2005, there were only 26,640 South Asians living there, but by 2016 there were close to 41,000, according to Statistics Canada.

Sandhu, like many of the recent Asian immigrants in Ottawa, was lured by the city’s booming tech sector, commonly called “Silicon Valley North.” The city is being shaped by the newest group of immigrants from Asia since the Chinese and Japanese came to Canada over 160 years ago. The 2016 census reported close to 20 percent of those living in Ottawa identify with Asian origins.

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The Asian community in Ottawa has grown from a very small group to a major portion of the population and a driving force of the economy, said the chair of the Canadian Museum of Immigration board of trustees, Robert Vinesberg.

The tech boom between 1996 and 2001 drew around 20,000 Asian immigrants to Ottawa. The city has become an accepting city. Sandhu doesn’t have to explain about Sikhs and their beliefs. People are more aware.

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