Immigrant Has Extra Special Canadian Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving is a special day for Namuunbileg Basaa, known as Billy to coworkers and friends. 

He left Mongolia 22 years ago as a refugee while his country was in a time of political upheaval and crisis. Unbeknownst to him, his daughter was born shortly after he left his homeland. Not knowing he had a daughter, he married, had a family of his own in Canada, and was enjoying success as a refugee. Basaa has a career as a LaFarge mechanic, and his wife is a dental assistant.

In 2014 he received the news that he had a daughter in Mongolia he didn’t know existed. Indra was now 15 years old. They started communicating and beginning a relationship. If you are considering relocating to Canada for a new start, contact Canada Immigration Express. Their team will walk you through the stages of immigration.

Indra decided to join her father in Canada and make a new life for herself. Her dream became a reality when the now 21-year-old stepped off the plane from Japan. She saw her dad and new family for the first time. Following two weeks of quarantining due to the pandemic, they shared their first Thanksgiving together. Bassa attributes everything he has to Canada and hopes his daughter has the same opportunities.

Canada Immigration Express

Earlier in the year, the government launched a new pilot program for family members of refugees. Indra qualified, and her application was processed in five months. Canada is a land of opportunity and freedom. Contact Canada Immigration Express to begin the application process.

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