Many Ways in Which Canada Is Different from the USA

Many Ways in Which Canada Is Different from the USA

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Canada makes up a large part of North America and is located just north of the United States. For some of the far northern states of the U.S., Canada is just a short drive away. Many people assume that because they are so close, they are much alike, but this is not totally true. Between religion, currency, politics, and food, there are plenty of differences between these two countries. If you are considering immigration to Canada, contact Canada Immigration Express. They will walk you through the steps of the immigration process and answer any questions you may have. 

Canada is a Commonwealth country headed up by a prime minister, and America is led by a president. The Head of State of Canada is technically Queen Elizabeth II, although she doesn’t play a significant role in the country. The political parties of the two countries differ as well. Canada has four major parties and several smaller ones, such as Liberals, Conservatives, the Green Party, and the Democratic Party. The United States has two major parties: Republican and Democratic. Canada Immigration Express has a team of professionals with a goal to help you apply for the required visa to live and work in Canada. There are many opportunities available for you and your family in this welcoming country. Contact Canada Immigration Express today!

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Canadians have a more “open arms” policy toward immigrants and refugees than America. This one difference has never been so clear as it is at this time. NPR said, “Canadians see immigration as critical to their economic success. The nation has invited in so many immigrants that today, one-fifth of the population is foreign-born.” Newcomers are referred to as “new Canadians” with an expectation they will remain in the country. According to Chris Alexander, the former Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, the largest difference between the two countries is that Canada has reformed the immigration system regularly and comprehensively, and the U.S. is at a standstill. Canada has a top national healthcare system, many job opportunities, and a very welcoming atmosphere. Contact Canada Immigration Express to start the immigration process. They will help you apply for the required visa to live and work in Canada.




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